Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gardening May2012

The garden is planted in the back.  Tomatoes, melons, corn, pumpkins, lettuce, peas, beans, peppers, celantro, dill, onions, and CUCUMBERS!

Upcoming work

The next step will be to get the front suspension set up and tracking straight.  I need to make longer mounting tabs for the upper A-arms.  After that I intend to cut and bend the side rails and install the seat mount rails.
I need to think on the steering wheel mounts, shifter, start, and electrical controls.  The rear swing arm mounts will be  a couple box tubes with angle flanges to catch the swing arm pivot.  The swing arm/ engine mount needs to be made and that brings us to the differential and drive train.  Rear wheel hubs, brakes,  electrical wiring etc.  Keep watching.

Rebuild with stainless

I decided I needed to rebuild the frame with better steel.  The carbon steel (meaning I) was not welding very well and I thought the frame was weak. Here is a photo as I transferred the dimensions from the old frame to the new.  I tried to use 1 tube for the base of the chassis as I thought it would simply be stronger.  In the end I think it was much harder to keep it straight as I bent the tubing to the shape it needed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Go-cart building

Day off for the go cart.  The news yesterday was it took most of the morning to wait out the rain and clean up the mess that accrued over the winter. last year I focused on getting the front suspension structure made and the mounting points.  There still needed to be a rollbar and side rail structure.  I have been unhappy with the size of the chassis.  I really figured it out after I got the roll bar on and was going for the side rails.  It just looked too long- like I was setting up a four door.